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Drink Well episode of Food Rebels

Drink Well

Discover how two drinks rebels are shaking up the cocktail and wine industries (figuratively speaking).

Sustainable Food Heroes

Find out how two rebel entrepreneurs are changing production processes and reducing environmental impact with better bread and nicer rice.

Nut Butter Flow

Meet the brand that’s seamlessly integrated ashwagandha into its clean label organic nut butters.

Rebellious Vines

Raise a glass to two rebellious winemakers doing things differently.

Cold Brew & Cocktails

From cold brew to cocktails, what makes an exceptional coffee experience?

Condiments & Conscious Cooking

How simple additions to your home-cooked meals can truly enrich your life.

WTF are UPFs

Who’s responsible for the food we eat?

Decadent Delights

AJ and Georgie indulge their sweet tooth, discovering inventive chocolate flavour combinations and the art of macaron making.

Unbe-LEAF-able Salad

AJ and Georgie talk lettuce and Georgie’s mind is blown at how flavourful a salad can be without dressing.

Chic Chic Hooray!

It’s just pea-ginning as AJ and Georgie dive into a whole new world of snack options!

Savoury Eats & Sweet Treats

From mouthwatering chef-made Vegan meals to award-winning cookies, AJ and Dhruv get the lowdown on two sweet and savoury founder stories.

Pairing Perfection

A lip-smackingly delicious episode where AJ and Dhruv delve into the art of pairing cheese, wine and whisky.

Gut Matters

From impacting your immunity to your mental health, our gut matters. AJ and Dhruv chat all things gut health with the founder of Fhirst living soda.

(Half a Century of) Cutting the Mustard

What happens when the rebel grows up? How Tracklements are still cutting the mustard after more than 50 years in the business.  

The Oat Show

Find out what a flapjack and an apple have in common… and how to spread granola on toast.

Too Cool for Gluten

Georgie sets up a surprise blind tasting to test if AJ can taste the difference between gluten free versions of some popular products.

It’s all Cricket

AJ and Georgie explore the world of insect infused cuisine this week, battered worm anyone?

To Drink or to Mushroom

There’s a love-in this week as Justin and Piers share a mutual love of all things eco, delicious and mushroom-based.

Vodka in the Post?

Wine on the vines and vodka in the post, we learn more about these incredible businesses.

A Lover’s Gift

It’s the week before Valentine’s Day but do you really care? Honestly?

Drinking Cappuccino before Noon

Why the UK Coffee evolution is about giving the people what they want!

The Original Food Rebel • BONUS episode

We delve deeper into the life and legacy of Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks and food visionary, who truly changed the way we think about food and fair trade.

What’s behind those Great Taste stickers?

Why winning a Great Taste award can change everything for your business.

30 Years of Great Taste

Celebrating 30 years of Great Taste!

Tomorrow’s Tastes

What food trends can we expect to see in 2024?


Best of 2023

AJ shares some of her favourite moments from Food Rebels episodes in 2023.

Christmas Cheats

How you can cheat your way to the perfect Christmas Day.

Festive Pie Perfection

What makes the perfect showstopper pork pie for your Christmas spread? 

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

Who is the supreme cheese champion?

Watts Cooking

We talk to chef Jon Watts and find out how learning to cook while serving time as a young offender transformed his life.

Drink Bamboo for a New You

Find out why drinking bamboo water could be your fast-track to a new, rejuvenated you! 

The Art of Baking

Exploring the art of baking or whether, in fact, it’s more science than art.

Packing a Flavour Punch

We talk real flavour with a bouillon boss and a spice specialist.

Smokin’ Rebels

Geek out with these smoked and cured meat experts.

The Original Food Rebel

We explore the life and legacy of Craig Sams, founder of Green & Blacks and food visionary, who truly changed the way we think about food and fair trade.

Designing Vinegar 2.0

What does design, jam and vinegar have in common? We meet the man redesigning an artisan food business.

How to Milk a Pea

This is journey of two mums turned entrepreneurs who have worked out how to milk peas.

Drink to Thrive

What do lavender, rose, tomato and fig have in common?

A-Peeling Fruit Snacks

Life’s peachy with fruit snacks.

Sweet Treats

It’s OK to embrace your devilish side.

Let’s Get Well Fruited!

Hooray, it’s easier to get your five a day.

Uplevel Your Cooking

Some seriously exciting flavour enhancers for plant based foodies.

Snacks with Attitude

What happens when you p-off the big boys?

Transatlantic Inspiration

British companies with flavours that are influenced by The US.

Indulgence without Allergens

Cakes without limits, celebrating allergen-free indulgences.

Breakfast Greats

Uplevel your breakfast with nootropic granola and proper tea revelations.

The Perfect Pairing

Exploring the fusion of flavours and sustainability in the Netherlands.