Who can appear on the show?

We welcome applications from anyone working in the food and drink industry, as long as they have an exciting or rebellious story to tell. However, we prefer our guests to be the Founder, Owner or Managing Director of the business.

We are receive a lot of applications, so please note that nothing can ever be guaranteed.

Producing and editing: who owns the rights?

The rights to all content is owned by Food Rebels. The final decision on editing the content lies at the discretion of the Production Team. Generally, we try to keep it as close to the original recording as possible. Decisions around which will guests will be chosen to appear and when, is the decision of the Producer, Host and Presenter.

Do we pay fees or expenses?

No fee is required to appear on the show, nor do we pay expenses or fees for any appearances.

How does the recording work?

We record four shows back-to-back in our studio at Evegate Business Park. All guests are invited to record in our studio. We do not record with guests remotely as we want to ensure the best audio quality for our listeners. We ask all guests to complete a form providing us with all their brand details to ensure we accurately promote your brand.

Can my brand sponsor the show?

We welcome all sponsorship enquires, please contact us by either completing the form on the Contact page or by emailing the production team at hello@foodrebels.co.uk.

Got a question?

If you have any further questions, please contact our production team via hello@foodrebels.co.uk