Condiments & Conscious Cooking

How simple additions to your home-cooked meals can truly enrich your life.

About this episode

This episode is a flavour fiesta! We’re joined by Rachel Pynenburg, the condiment queen behind Miam Jars, whose creations unlock a world of deliciousness. Get ready for quick, easy meals bursting with excitement.

Plus, Frankie Paz, AKA Moody Mango, serves up a different kind of recipe book; Plant Feasts. Ditching the guilt trips and instead embracing your vulnerabilities, to discover a healthy, real-world approach to food that tackles mental health, life challenges, and, of course, community. Frankie’s book is available today on Amazon.

Our rebellious listeners can also get 20% off all Miam Jars products when bought directly from their website using the code FOODREBELS20 at the checkout. We are also running a give away for a copy of Frankie’s book Plant Feasts so head over to our Instagram page @food_rebels_ to enter!

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