Drink Well

Discover how two drinks rebels are shaking up the cocktail and wine industries (figuratively speaking).

About this episode

This week on Food Rebels, we’re looking to the future of drinks!

Tom Bell, the rebel behind DrinkWell, joins us to discuss the changing landscape of wine in the UK. Tom’s marketplace champions bolder flavors and naturally lower alcohol by volume wines, inspired by trends in the US and Australia. Tired of sugary alternatives? DrinkWell’s got your back, with their own innovative range called Traces – perfect for modern lifestyles.

We also chat with Xavier Craine, co-founder of Mixtons, the ready-to-drink cocktail brand shaking things up. Bored of the same old, same old? Mixtons focuses on exciting, unexpected flavor combinations that’ll tantalise your taste buds.

Tune in for a refreshing look at the future of wine and cocktails, with two industry rebels leading the charge!

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