Snacks with Attitude

What happens when you p-off the big boys?

About this episode

Join host AJ Sharp and the guest presenter, Colin Mordi from Food Sauce Media, on an enlightening episode of Food Rebels called “Snacks with Attitude.”

AJ and Colin engage in a captivating discussion with Rob Brice, the visionary founder of Crave, a vegan and free-from snack company. Rob Brice joins the show amidst a legal storm caused by some larger brands’ objections to his daring and controversial choice of product names. Delve into the intricacies of brand identity and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs pushing boundaries in the food industry.

Beyond the legal dramas, explore Crave’s delectable range of vegan and free-from snacks that have been capturing taste buds and challenging conventions. Rob shares his passion for creating innovative flavours with a healthy delivery of nostalgia.


  • Host: AJ Sharp
  • Guest Presenter: Colin Mordi
  • Guests
    • Rob Brice from Crave