Transatlantic Inspiration

British companies with flavours that are influenced by the US.

About this episode

Get ready for a tantalizing episode of Food Rebels, as host AJ Sharp and the charismatic guest presenter, Suzy Pelta, lead you into a world of transatlantic culinary delights. In this captivating instalment, AJ and Suzy are joined by Charlie Philips of Morty & Bob’s and Billy Eriksson of Brewing Brothers, as they share their unique stories of how their British-based businesses have been influenced by trips to the United States.

Charlie talks about his journey, from street van to restaurant group, and how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich a must try at his all-day dining restaurant concept, Morty & Bobs.

Meanwhile, Billy Eriksson shares his passion for beer brewed with locally sourced ingredients. Learn how his trips to the US shaped his brewing techniques and inspired him to create exceptional craft brews. Are you ready to explore the cross-continental flavours of grilled cheese and locally brewed beers? Tune in to Talking Taste as AJ, Suzy, Charlie, and Billy unveil the captivating stories behind their British businesses influenced by their American adventures. 


  • Host: AJ Sharp
  • Guest Presenter: Suzy Pelta
  • Guests
    • Charlie Philips from Morty & Bobs
    • Billy Eriksson from Brewing Brothers