Indulgence without Allergens

Cake without limits, celebrating allergen-free indulgences.

About this episode

Join host AJ Sharp and guest presenter Suzy Pelta, on a heartwarming episode of Food Rebels. In this special instalment, AJ and Suzy meet dynamic father-daughter duo, Mike Woods and Danika Woods, from Just Love, a successful bakery brand dedicated to creating safe and delicious treats for individuals with allergies.

Listen as Mike shares the inspiring story of how his love for his daughter and the desire to provide her with allergen-free desserts led to the creation of Just Love. Together, Mike and Danika discuss the challenges they faced and the sweet moments they shared, as this allergy journey transformed into a thriving business.

Are you ready to savour the taste of indulgence without allergens? Tune in to Talking Taste as AJ, Suzy, Mike, and Danika explore the world of allergen-free cakes, revealing the secrets behind their delectable creations and the heartfelt story that inspired it all. 


  • Host: AJ Sharp
  • Guest Presenter: Suzy Pelta
  • Guests
    • Mike Woods from Just Love
    • Danika Woods from Just Love