Breakfast Greats

Uplevel your breakfast with nootropic granola and proper tea revelations.

About this episode

Our host AJ Sharp and guest presenter Suzy Pelta are be joined by expert guests Robin Longden from Rollagranola and Emilie Holmes from Good & Proper Tea. Discover the fascinating world of nootropic granola, as Robin shares how he has seamlessly blended the goodness of granola with the power of nootropics, enhancing focus, clarity, and overall well-being in every bite. Emilie Holmes takes us on a captivating journey into the realm of Good and Proper tea.

Explore the intricacies of tea tasting and learn what it truly means to savour a cup of perfectly brewed tea. Emilie’s expertise and passion for creating exceptional tea experiences will leave you longing to try it for yourself.

Are you ready to elevate your breakfast game with nootropic-infused granola and a taste of proper tea? Tune in to Talking Taste as AJ, Suzy, Robin, and Emilie bring you behind the scenes of these breakfast greats, tantalising your senses and inspiring you to embrace the art of starting your day on a truly delicious note.

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  • Host: AJ Sharp
  • Guest Presenter: Suzy Pelta
  • Guests
    • Robin Longden from Rollagranola
    • Emilie Holmes from Good & Proper Tea