Smokin’ Rebels

Geek out with these smoked and cured meat experts.

About this episode

Get ready to be inspired to think differently about your food and its journey to your plate. AJ is joined by guest presenter and founder of Tempus Foods Dhruv Baker and guests, Icaopo and Vincenzo, from Smokin’ Brothers. They talk all things smoked fish and cured meats. We learn about Vincenzo’s unwavering determination to source only the best salmon and how they utilise all of the fish to make the most mouth-watering flavours.

Both Dhruv and the Smokin’ Brothers are championing the ethos of being a food rebel: They push boundaries, challenge suppliers, and advocate for a deeper understanding of food origins. This episode is a deep dive into the world of cured and smoked meats, showcasing the meticulous techniques they employ to create exceptional culinary delights.