The Art of Baking

Exploring the art of baking or whether, in fact, it’s more science than art.

About this episode

In this episode of Food Rebels, we’re joined by Luke Underdown from Garage Coffee and Kate Ampomah from Eat and Mess. Both share their commitment to the concept of eating seasonally and understanding the nuanced qualities within each type of food.

Our guest presenter, Dhruv Baker, underscores the delicate balance of art and science in baking, as he explores the intricacies of their culinary philosophies. AJ and Kate from Eat and Mess highlight the unwavering principle of never compromising on ingredient quality, a testament to their dedication to exceptional flavours.

But that’s not all; AJ takes a moment to acknowledge the unique journey of Kate, a busy mum of three with an 8-week-old baby, and Luke, who is very soon to be a father. As early risers, they share the camaraderie of sleepless nights, cementing their shared passion for food and their journey through parenthood.