Drink to Thrive

What do lavender, rose, tomato and fig have in common? We discover this week…

About this episode

What does tomato leaf infused kombunca taste like? We discover in this week’s episode, with Food Rebel’s host AJ Sharp and guest presenter Rebecca Woollard as they dive into the drinks! But these are drinks with a difference.

They discuss how to drink more water and what fig leaves do to kombucha. We hear about more about Kristal Baker’s Great Taste award-winning range Luxwells, and Zak Tozer’s innovative and environmentally friendly kombucha. But no one sounds sure about tasting the tomato lead infused kombucha.


  • Host: AJ Sharp
  • Guest Presenter: Rebecca Woollard
  • Guests
    • Kritsal Baker from Luxwells
    • Zak Tozer from Zak’s Kombucha